Our Avionics Technicians are on staff here at Gateway Flight to take care of all your Avionics needs. That includes assistance in the purchase of your new Avionics equipment. They can also do your Installs, Servicing, and Testing all at a very competitive price.

Other Services
  • Bring your aircraft up-to-date with ADS-B
  • Install that Avionics equipment that you purchased else where.
  • NOTE: We are the Aspen and Avidyne Dealer for the St. Louis region.
  • Check the accuracy of your Pitot / Static system.
  • Test your electrical system. Including Fixing and/or replacing your alternator or battery.
  • How's your radio reception. We can check your antenna send/receive capability.
  • Plus numerous other Avionics issues.
  • The above shows the full installation in a Cessna 206.
  • - Captain mounted Instrumentation.
  • - Center Panel mounted navigation control console.
  • - The Co-Pilot position shows the mobile tablet affixed to the panel.
  • Fully installed
  • - Captain mounted Instrumentation.
  • - Center Panel mounted navigation console.
  • Pictured to the right is our "Top of the Line" Evolution 2500.
  • This particular unit comes equiped with everything, but the "kitchen sink".
  • The ADVANCED DECK 5400
  • - Includes everything plus the kitchen sink.
  • - Below are some additional screen selections:
  • Here is the Dynan D3 "POCKET PANEL"