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Controlled-Flight-Into-Terrain poses one of the greatest potential hazards there is to pilots. Pilots flying in the Great Plains as well as mountainous areas all face this potential hazard. Gateway Flight Training’s pilot training programs include training in CFIT risk-assessment. The condition of CFIT and CFIT training will continually undergo modification as future accidents identify new or varied conditions.

Gateway Flight Training has adopted a CFIT training and risk-assessment tool as adopted by Flight Safety Foundation and outlined in FAA AC61-134 Appendix 1

Gateway Flight Training and Gateway Flight Solutions utilize a training program that is applicable for individual pilots as well as corporate operators.

CFIT training is divided into CFIT Risk Assessment and CFIT Risk Reduction Factors. Each component section evaluates Destination Risks, In-route Risk, and Aircraft Equipment Risk with emphasis on Risk Multipliers and Reduction components. Gateway is committed to training proficient, safe pilots and crews.

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“Regular recurrent training has proven to make safer pilots”