Why should I use Gateway for my training?

Gateway companies operate with policies and procedures utilizing FAA Practical Test Standards for pilot and crew completion of aircraft Initial, Recurrent or Transition training courses.

Training courseware is periodically reviewed by our staff professional educators to ensure quality and accuracy. Instructional methods and record keeping are also evaluated. Client safety, security, and comfort in the simulator or aircraft training environment are reviewed by periodic standardization meetings.

Training Program:

Gateway’s training programs ensure that pilots and/or crew members are adequately trained for their aircraft make and model, duty position (as applicable) and type of flight operations to be conducted. FAA Practical Test Standards provide training component guidance.

Training Objective:

Upon course completion, pilots will be able to fly in a manner that confirms they are the master of the aircraft. The successful outcome of any maneuver or procedure will never be in question. In addition, pilots and / or crews will be prepared and competent to operate in any controlled airspace. Pilots and crews completing Gateway Training will also be able to demonstrate their knowledge of Regulations, Policies, and Procedures applicable to 14CFR Part 91.

What training and services does Gateway provide?

Our Company and its Affiliates

Gateway Flight Training and its subsidiary Gateway Flight Solutions provides:
Primary, Advanced, Specialized, Initial, Recurrent, Transition training.

  • Initial and Recurrent Aircraft Training
  • Multi Engine Training
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Crew Services
  • Aircraft management for Piston and Turbine engine aircraft by CAM certified aircraft managers
  • Flight Department Operations Manuals
  • SMS program preparation
  • International Flight Operations
  • High-Altitude-Training

What are the experience requirements to be a Gateway Instructor?

To qualify for Gateway a pilot must have at least 5000 flight hours. These hours must be of Corporate, Air Carrier or Air Charter Experience. Military Experience may substitute 50% of the time requirement. Instructors must also be FAA Airline Transport Pilot rated for Multi-Engine Aircraft and must also be rated as CFI, CFII and Multi-Engine flight instructors. Flight Instructors must also possess a minimum of a FAA Second Class Medical.

What type of training is required for Gateway Instructors?

Gateway Flight Training has a comprehensive training program for all of its instructors. Gateway instructors are not only required to meet aircraft currency requirements but they also participate in initial and annual training to insure continued quality service to our clients.

Can a Gateway Instructor teach in all airplanes?

No. Due to insurance limitations all instructors may not be current in a specific aircraft. However, instructors are qualified for the aircraft in which they teach and meet FAA and insurance requirements.

Are Gateway Instructors Insured?

Yes. Instructors working under the Gateway Companies are insured. However, to protect you and the instructor, Gateway Flight Training must be named as an additional insured on your aircraft insurance policy. Gateway Instructors meet most insurance open pilot warranties.

Does Gateway Flight Training train pilots for FAA Ratings?

Yes. Gateway Flight Training has ongoing training programs for FAA Pilot Ratings. Our training includes Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial, and Multi-Engine Pilot