FITS Formatted Training

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FITS Formatted Training

FITS (FAA-INDUSTRY TRAINING STANDARDS) is a focus on a redesign of how the aviation community trains pilots.

Gateway Flight Training has adopted the FITS concept in its training programs so that pilots and crews trained by Gateway are provided real-world, managed training challenges. FITS training focus is on CRM (crew resource management), SRM (single pilot resource management), and ADM (aeronautical decision making).

Through the application of real-world, scenario-based-training, Gateway trains pilots to deal more readily with: High Volume Airspace Operations, Lower Landing Minimums, Non-Towered Airports in Non-radar Airspace, Complex Cockpit Systems with enhanced capability. Training focus is on the systems and procedures appropriate to a particular pilot’s aircraft equipment, and operations.

Aircraft are continuing to evolve into more and more complex platforms. Introduction of touch screen equipment, EFB (electronic flight bag), on board weather and traffic avoidance systems dictates change in instructional method.

Gateway Flight Training has programs in place to meet these new training demands. We train pilot operators, small commercial operators, and corporate flight departments.

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