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Quality airman and crew training is our focus

Gateway instructors are professional aviators. The training and selection of our instructor pilots began in 135 Charter, 121 Air Carrier, Corporate or Military Flying. Instructors are current and proficient in each aircraft for which they provide training. Gateway Instructors complete annual proficiency training with one of the company’s designated Check Airmen. Company instructor training programs are conducted to the same ATP Standards that are used by charter and air carriers.

Experience is the key to quality education. Gateway Instructor Pilots are highly experienced ATP rated professionals. Gateway Instructors have held positions as airline company check airmen, chief pilots, military flight leaders or educators.

Quality airman and crew training is the focus of Gateway. Our dedication to aviation safety through continued pilot training and education is a commitment to our clients.
Trip planning assistance, flight risk assessment, weather analysis and planning are ongoing services available from any Gateway Instructor.