Recurrent Training

The joy of flight

Recurrent Training

Recurrent Training benefits everyone. Consider the cost of aviation in today’s economy. With aviation fuel, hangar space, and insurance and maintenance costs continually escalating; pilots are flying fewer hours. Make your flight hours more valuable with recurrent training.

The FAA only requires a Part 91 pilot to complete a flight review every two years.

14CFR §135 Charter Operators must conduct training every 6 months and 121 Air Carriers must complete training at least every 12 months. Other turbojet or corporate pilots complete recurrent training annually. Gateway Instructors complete recurrent training on a regularly scheduled basis.

With fewer hours being flown, make them count with regular recurrent training.

Participate in recurrent training. Make an investment in aviation safety by maintaining a higher level of VFR and Instrument Proficiency.

Gateway has a Recurrent Training Program for all pilots. Many times mentor flights are an answer for a busy professional flying for business. Dedicated flight training is the answer for others. Corporate flight department training is also available.

Contact Gateway to tailor a program that meets your need.