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To get the greatest benefit from your training, Gateway Instructors are current, qualified, and thoroughly knowledgeable about the airplane and/or equipment you want to master. Gateway Instructors conduct your training in accordance with a comprehensive training syllabus. While it is important to cover all the material, Gateway Instructors have the ability to change the arrangement of the subject matter and/or shift the emphasis to fit the qualifications of the transitioning pilot, the characteristics of the aircraft or equipment involved, the circumstances of the training environment, and the goals of the transitioning pilot or crew.

Training is intended to teach the pilot what is different about the aircraft or its installed equipment (e.g., avionics). A Gateway syllabus will address basic characteristics of the aircraft’s systems (e.g., fuel, electrical, control, hydraulic, avionics, environmental, etc.), but with emphasis on how characteristics of the new aircraft differ from those in aircraft the pilot has already flown. It covers normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures. The syllabus also covers performance characteristics; what to expect on takeoff and landing, climb, cruise, descent, and glide. Finally, it addresses limitations, such as weight and balance, speeds, wind limits, etc.